March News

As you will be aware from the media coverage, the spread of the coronavirus is still a concern.

We have filtered through a range of information at our disposal and attach a link to the latest guide produced from IOSH  (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and WHO (World Health Organisation).

We deem this to be the most pertinent and useful guide for all businesses to consider at this time. Please read and consider how you can implement these procedures, which range from simple communication steps to increased cleaning regimes in your business spaces.

Please click the link to see the full article:

We recommend that all business follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Distribute this article to all in your team and display on the company noticeboards.

Step 2. Increased communication to continue with respect to the sickness absence policies. New posters can be sourced from here: Please consider refreshing your current posters and signs for general hygiene practices.

Step 3. Increased sanitisers should be provided in each premises, make sure you include measures for cleaning keyboards and areas such as surfaces, worktops etc which are widely shared. Other additional hygiene procedures should be reviewed now to prevent spread.

Step 4. For companies who are considering overseas travel at this time, we would recommend you check this link before making travel arrangements:  If your company regularly operates overseas, develop a contingency and business continuity plan  covering practical steps for your team should an outbreak occur within that community. Ask what medical cover will your team need if they become infected in that country.

Step 5. Review all staff medical forms and ask staff if there are any updates if a significant period of time has passed since these were originally completed. Risk assess any member of staff who may be classed as vulnerable. Take additional control measures where necessary.

Step 6. Develop an action plan for steps to take should anyone become infected.

Call us directly if you need additional support.