June- Covid continues

On the 11th May 2020 the UK Government issued its guidelines on working safely during the coronavirus epidemic.  8 guides were provided to cover a range of different types of work and a five stage process was provided for guidance. The first step was for businesses to undertake Covid19 Risk Assessments. 


For some SMEs and businesses who don’t have access to full-time H&S and IMS systems managers in house, complying with the Government’s Covid19 (returning to workplace) guidelines can be overwhelming. Due to various guidelines, changing statistics and an overwhelming volume of guidance and direction being produced on all forms of media it becomes even more difficult for business owners and managers to know where to start to create a covid secure workplace and to develop an appropriate risk assessment. 

There is no one single form or process document available and this is due to the various regulations and best practice standards that the guidance originates from, and also given the nature of the virus.

This means that any Covid19 risk assessment should be a multi-phased approach. This diagram provides a suggested overview using the PDCA approach.

The PDCA approach has been utilized in developing Silk Safety Ltd service deliverables for our clients in regards to robust, business specific and people centred Covid19 Risk assessments.