H&S Consultancy

Whatever you are looking for, we can help. Our organisation is entirely centred around protecting businesses and their people. An effective health and safety management system is about valuing employees and those affected by business activities. Good safety management promotes effective working practices and contributes to an effective and positive working environment where the culture is focused on team performance, improved communication, and compliant and safe ways of working.

Investment in good safety techniques by directors, managers and supervisors will help workers use the most efficient and safest way of working. This can lower staff turnover, which will reduce recruitment and training costs, ensure the skills base is maintained, and guarantee continuity.

Not all clients need a large solution; some will already have key parts of a H&S management system in place and simply need it brought up-to-date. Other clients, such as start-up companies, only need a few key elements that would be specific to their business. Larger, more established clients often have cumbersome systems that have been added to over time and are no longer effective or appropriate for the business.

At Silk Safety Ltd, we quickly assess our clients’ requirements and we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to provide their businesses with high quality, competent, and pragmatic health and safety solutions.

Retained Health and Safety

This is a service designed to give SMEs access to a competent source of health and safety advice. It is not always practical for companies to employ a full-time adviser, however, all businesses employing five or more staff are required to maintain policies and procedures to safeguard employees. Silk Safety’s retained service offers 24/7 support from a Chartered H&S specialist. An initial assessment will establish the level of support required and a recommendation will be tailored to the business and linked to operational risk levels.