About Silk

Silk is the product of a life’s work for our founder and Managing Director Myra Kelly. Myra gained her first degree as a mature student in Scotland and went on to complete her Master’s degree while working full-time for one of the most successful global multidisciplinary consultancies at that time.

Two decades on, she has gained her stripes and professional acumen while committing wholeheartedly to the UK’s two leading professional safety organisations. She became a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (CFIOSH) in 2021, and also became a Fellow of the Association for Project Safety (FaPS) in the same year.

Myra is a banner-waving, passionate advocate for creating positive safety cultures within businesses. She firmly believes that H&S compliance does not need to be cumbersome or overly reliant on paperwork and should never be viewed as having a negative impact on people or businesses. In fact, quite the opposite.

Companies that commit to and value their staff, can easily demonstrate this by investing in expedient, common sense solutions that people can buy into. Today, it has become increasingly important to show staff they are truly valued and to commit to their development and well-being. One way of doing this is by making their working environment a safe one.

Myra’s passion for safety and safeguarding people in the workplace is mirrored in the high quality of work she delivers to Silk’s clients.